Steel Stud Framing

Whether it's a custom floating ceiling or a heavy gauge exterior wall assembly, our crew has the experience to tackle a wide variety of steel stud framing applications. The versatility of steel stud framing can be utilized in both commercial and residential construction and our crew specializes in the following applications:

  • Interior and exterior partitions
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Bulkheads and soffits
  • Structural steel stud posts and beams
  • Shaftwalls
  • Platforms and ramps
  • Exterior fascia
  • Parapets

Insulation & Fire-Stopping

We are well equipped to handle the application of thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and vapour barrier for all residential and commercial construction. The proper application of insulation is critical when meeting thermal, acoustic and fire-rating assembly code requirements. Achieving fire-rated assemblies generally involves the use of fire-rated systems at locations such as jambs and heads of walls. Wescor provides a great deal of experience when applying these systems and customers can rest assured that fire-separations are constructed to strict code requirements.


Gypsum Wallboard

When it comes to a quality finished product, expert drywall application and finishing is paramount. Our projects range from standard drywall application to wall framing, to flex board applied to curved bulkheads and soffits. Wescor's team of finishers provide decades of experience in high quality finishing, patching and texture work.

Drywall Applications:

  • Standard drywall application to partitions and ceilings
  • Fire-rated drywall for fire-rated walls, shaftwalls and ceiling assemblies
  • Moisture-resistant and tile-backer board
  • Abuse-resistant board
  • Sound board
  • Flex board for curved partitions and ceilings

Finishing Applications:

  • Standard finishing from level 1 to 5
  • Patch and repair to existing damaged drywall finishes
  • Skimming to existing textured finishes
  • Spray texture finishes

Exterior Gypsum Sheathing

Exterior sheathing helps add performance and durability to a wide range of exterior building assemblies. This sheathing is generally used behind brick, siding, EIFS, stucco and other permanent claddings. Our crews are well trained to handle the variety of access situations when applying this sheathing to building exteriors


Suspended Ceiling Systems

Today's suspended ceilings offer a variety of applications and styles which give architects plenty of options when designing the perfect space for their client. Our team has decades of experience in both standard grid and tile suspension construction and specialized ceiling systems. All systems are designed and installed to meet stringent seismic codes to ensure a secure ceiling and peace of mind.

Suspended Ceiling Applications:

  • Standard t-bar grid and acoustic mineral fibre/fibreglass tiles
  • Floating panel ceilings and clouds
  • Metal and wood finished systems
  • Wave ceilings